I went to the second artist talk last night at LA Louver. WIth a gallery full of good-looking people, this was by far the best looking guest. Look at that face!

Here's the schedule:


25 JULY: Sherin Guirguis, Owen Kydd, Kim Schoenstadt
1 AUGUST: Asad Faulwell, Peter Holzhauer, Alison O'Daniel
8 AUGUST: Laura Krifka, Ashley Landrum, Heather Gwen Martin
15 AUGUST: Kent Familton, Christopher Miles, Eric Yahnker
22 AUGUST: Sarah Awad, Matthew Brandt, Farrah Karapetian 

I met a friend for a drink and a bite across the street at James' Beach and then headed over. The talk thankfully started a few minutes late, as it did last week, so we weren't too worried when they brought our ceviche and key lime pie out to us at exactly 6:29.

The artist talks are brief, with questions after, and then on to the next artist. Interesting to hear the stories about the art in the show and how their work evolved. Mark your calendar!