Thanks to my husband's truck and trailer, Al Shaffer's camera and Charles Christopher Hill's house, I have new and improved photos. Phew. It's always a puzzle to be solved, when to have the pro come in. I feel like if I just finish one more, then I'll make the call to the photographer. In the meantime, there's always one more to be finished and before I know it, there is a body of work and no photos.

One unexpected and unfortunate glitch was that I jackknifed my husband's trailer into his truck. I am a confident trailer driver, having hauled my dressage horse all over Southern California and the Central Valley to horse shows without a problem. I can back trailers up out of tight spaces. Then we hitch this little Wells Cargo trailer up to his big truck and I think "I've got this. It's a quarter of the size of the horse trailer" and then I heard the crunch. I didn't realize what had happened until I got home. Now the back of the truck doesn't open. Ouch. Sorry Tom.Photo_copy_3